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Why Proper Planning is Essential in Merchandising Implementation

I have worked in merchandising in both the corporate world and obviously as a third party employee. One glaring issue that I noticed was the difficulty involved in the planning portion of projects. This was due to not following the five P's. Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. Following this acronym is an essential part of merchandising execution. Getting assistance from someone with highly detailed plans that knows the issues that you might encounter before they happen is imperative in having a seamless reset process.

Most people's strength is not attention to details. This is why work plans are so important. One example I experienced was that a third party company was instructed to perform the candy gum and mint set with just a front view. You might be asking why is this a big deal. The answer is that there is a rule that the set always has Reese's closest to the register, Which means the set is reversible. So you must communicate this to all parties involved. This is so imperative due to contracts being based upon these standards and having them wrong is a violation of the agreements.

Another issue is when ordering gondola. You have to account for all parts. In addition to this the people in charge of installations should have a little bit of all the parts in case something has been damaged in the process of getting to the store. With this knowledge you can coordinate the exact parts orders. The result of not doing this properly is inconveniencing a lot of people and wasting large amounts of resources. Believe me I witnessed a large amount of waste in my previous position. Let me know your experiences?

When the details are not correct it can delay the entire project. So if you feel like the details are something you overlook. Don't feel bad just reach out someone who can help properly plan you projects.

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